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Artist | Traditional Art
:iconcrowborn:Bros 5evar

#1 fan of Heart of Darkness
#1 fan of Tirac/Tirek
Iced tea fanatic.
Homosexual and Bi-romantic
shitposting looser
Saw :tomoebutts: do this so Imma do it

1) What was the first time you realized you were interested in G/t and vore? (they can be separate instances for both)
I had a pretty intense interest in this type of subject since I was really young. I was always fascinated with large but sentient beings that ate people.

2) Willing or unwilling vore? (can apply to pred or prey)
Unwilling all the way. Why would someone consent to being devoured? hue hue hue 

3) What's your ideal size?
I don't really have much of a preference. I prefer when the predator is somewhat larger than the prey, but not /too/ big. You know?

4) Are there any types of unorthodox vore you enjoy?
I like the bloody ripping stuff. XD

5) You get to make your home in a shoe, a tissue box, or a watering can. Which one??
Watering can sounds more secure. It'd also be able to get wet.

6) Do you prefer to see Gt/vore romantic or platonic relationships?
Platonic. Never really done a romantic one before that really worked out.

7) On a scale of 1-10 (1=absolute saint, gentlest person to exist, 10=basically satan or worse) how gentle/nice vs evil/violent do you like your giants? (Or like to be as a giant).
10 10 10 10 10. If you're going to be a massive powerful being please be super duper evil and rule over a planet with an iron fist or something. Be the devil incarnate even. Hahahahahaha.

8) If you had the chance to be eaten IRL (with it being 100% safe and you can get out whenever), would you do it? Or if you're a pred, would you eat someone IRL if it was safe?
Depends on who would be doing the eating I guess. And it being completely safe kinda takes the fun out of the whole "you're gonna die thing" ya know? I wouldn't want to eat a living thing personally myself tho.

9) Who's the first person you'd wanna be vored by/vore?
>/////////> Ummmm... Tirac and the Master of Darkness? but The Master more or less seems like a "imma just kill you" type so maybe Mefudoka. Yeah. Bara vore frog bby.

10) How do you feel about digestion?
Well that is what happens to things that get eaten. Natural. Yep.

11) How do you feel about playful teething?
pretty cute.

12) Favorite part of a giant to interact with/be on? (Or favorite place for a tiny to interact with/be on if you're giant)

The clawed fingersssssssssss *u*

13) What would your reaction be if we were in the same place and I unexpectedly grew? (try to keep it an honest reaction that you might actually have if that happened!)
Hide. Yep. Hide hide hide.

MOAR QUESTIONS??? I dunno how dis meme thing works. I probably am doing it wrong.

1. If you could choose any place to live in Middle Earth, where would that be?
yooooo if I could get with Sauron and live in Mordor or some shit that'd be cool. But pretty sure that's slim. So I'll just say the Shire because I am in fact a hobbit.

2. You have just turned into a dragon. What do you do first?
Burn down my enemies and steal things to hoard. AHAHAHAAHA FIIIIIIRRRRRREEE!!!!!

3. Ideal fashion aesthetic?
grade school boy from the 80s/90s

4. Assemble your ideal salad.

5. Favourite Avenger? (this can include villains too B) )
hmmmmm.. you say villains too >w< so like can Ultron's butt count? ((AHAHAHA PIP SHUT UP))

6. You are now a magical girl! What would your special attack be called?

7. Would you prefer to be a hero or a villain?
I would prefer to date a villain but personally would likely be a hero. I don't think that makes any sense.

8. Top ten current favourite musicians?
Two Steps From Hell
Bruce Broughton
Tangerine Dream
X-Ray Dog
oh man I can't think right now. Currently away from my own computer so i can't look at my playlist and see everyone I am forgetting.

9. You are now in charge of protecting a nation of very small lil people. How would you go about interacting with them?
I would become their god. Guard and protect them so long as they respect me.

10. Which tumblr shitpost do you most identify with?

11. Name your favorite Let's Players!
Markiplier probably. Also Captain Sparkles, Game Grumps and Bashur

12. Top five favorite video games?
Heart of Darkness, Minecraft, Ocarina of Time, Limbo, AAAAA don't make me choose another I don't want one to feel left out.

13. Name a fictional character you'd love to see as a giant or tiny and how the pair of you would interact!
Well most of my faves are ALREADY giant or small compared to others in the franchise... but like... if G1 Tirac was as big as G4 Tirek was. I'd like that. He'd definitely be able to eat everyone then. Nice.

I still think I did this wrong.

I tag
uhhhhhh... I am so awkward. If you want to do this meme then do it I guess. Lol. Probably did it wrong tho.

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