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Disclaimer: all of the badly drawn art done in MS Paint is *deliberately* awful. My serious work is usually only traditional sketches.
An analysis of Whisky's appearance, design, and build in order to liken him to a real life dog.

I see people thinking Whisky is simply a Dalmatian. All the time in fact. My extensive obsession with dogs makes me cringe a little bit when people do this though, because there is no way Whisky is a pure-bred Dalmatian at least.
Granted he's a cartoon dog, it's highly unlikely Amazing Studio, and Christian Robert specifically even planned for him to be a specific breed, but I see people drawing him realistically and giving him realistic dog proportions that he doesn't have, when there are actual real life dogs with similar build and coloring to him.

First off, his size and build. Whisky stands at about Andy's waist-level. (Andy is a young preteen boy of average build for size reference) This is a common size for adult dogs on the medium to large scale. Whisky has a large round head, and large long muzzle with big nose. His ears hang down past his lower jaw and are thin and long. Whisky has a sturdy, bulky body with long legs and very big heavy paws. His tail is long and thin. Whisky is short-haired, with thin enough fur for the pink of his skin to show through around his paws.………
His markings are simple. His fur is primarily white his ears are color-gradient between a light and darker grey, with white spots mottling the grey along the lower parts. Whisky has a grey spot around his left eye. Whisky has light speckling along his legs with the odd random spot on his back and sides. There's a couple spots on his tail. Contradicting myself somewhat, I think it is more appropriate to call Whisky's marking speckles, as they are more splotchy and random than most spot markings that dogs have. They're also grey and vary from a light grey to a darker grey.

So what breed is Whisky?
Simple answer, none. No registered AKC breed by itself can exhibit all of the physical traits of Whisky. But since this is a sharing is caring and learning experience I'll try to come up with a mix of breeds that will allow a dog to be born with all these traits.

First off, purebred Dalmatians are generally out. They are certainly white with black spots, but their ears are wide triangular ears, and their spots are dark dark dark and all over the body. Large dark, round and regular spots. Dalmatians are the right size however, but their body type are more slender than Whisky, with smaller paws.…………
Dalmatians also generally have spots throughout their body. Whisky's coloration not so much. Certain Disney movies don't really display this properly in my opinion. But that was due to the sheer amount of spots the animators would have had to draw on the puppies. Hahahaha.
Now sometimes Dalmatians can have fainter spots and different shaped ears when bred with other dogs, but we'll get to that later.

A second breed that exhibits white body with blackish spots is the great dane. Only one type of coloring though. The Harlequin coloring.……………………………
There is much variation of this coloration so there's a lot of photos. Please ignore pictures where they have pointed ears. People like to crop their ears.
Harlequin danes will more frequently have spots around the eyes than Dalmatians. They also have more random patchy spots. danes can also have longer less triangular ears. They have thick bulky bodies, long legs, and big heavy feet. They have thin fur and their skin can show through around the feet and nose. However, danes can have slightly droopier faces and flabby jaws but not as common as other breeds. Danes are also MASSIVE. Whisky is definitely not a purebred dane simply by size alone. Andy could ride him like a horse. Hahaha.

As for dog breeds who resemble Whisky due to their ears, most of them are a bit too small to fit the bill, and generally have droopy rolls of skin, and more colors.

American Foxhounds generally have beagle coloring, but will have long droopy ears, minimal wrinkles, and fit the size and build (minus the large feet) but without crossbreeding don't have pure black and white spot markings.

There is also the blue tick coonhound which comes closer
These hounds however have a slight brush to their tail.

Hounds with long long ears generally have stubby proportions or skin wrinkles but I'll list a few here as well.
Basset hounds are the least wrinkly and can have spots but are usually very brown. They are also short with tiny cute stubby legs. Not like Whisky's long ones.… (bonus bandannas)…………

Bloodhounds are very brown, but closer to Whisky's size.……

Other breeds

English Setters…………
Even though setters have long fluffy fur, they will get the light spattering of spot patterns and are the right size. I really like English setters and even despite their long hair I think they still are very similar to Whisky.…

Pointers, including german shorthair pointers will get the spots and size and also short fur.…
I'm not sure if this is a docked tail.

Llewellin Setters have fur that is much too short, but this photo of a puppy is REALLY REALLY CUTE so here.…

Well, now to what Whisky is exactly. You've seen many dogs here who have multiple physical traits like Whisky, but never completely all of them. But mixing different breeds like a dalmatian with a setter or a harlequin dane with a basset hound could very well achieve the perfect Whisky mix. After all, Whisky isn't mean to be a purebred. He's the lovable doggy companion of a little boy who doesn't care about fancy bloodlines or anything. He was probably picked out at a shelter or adopted in some other way. Who knows. here are some mixes that exhibit Whisky-like traits. There's one breed I'm saving till the end, but we'll get to that later.… cattle dog mix

A bassett hound harlequin dane mix. Still a little stumpy as bassets are but cute none the less. Also still just a puppy.……

This is a "Damlatian mix" the photographer says. Which other breeds are present and how many other breeds is unknown but they have more spattered and less covering spots and not as triangular ears.…

Irish setter dalmatian mix a bit too much spots but whatever.…

another dalmatian mix. other breeds unknown.…

I have a feeling people unsure of their dog's breed might be seeing the spots and say "that's a dalmatian" even if they don't know.

And I said I saved one breed for last. This breed is a rarer breed so I didn't know about them before, but they're a French breed. The Braque Du Bourbonnais is an ancient hunting dog, both originating and popularized in France. They commonly have spots around one eye, long ears, big paws, and light speckles. They disappeared for a while because people bred them to almost extinction trying to get them to have no tails (AAAAAAAAAAAA why do this? I mean dock the tail if they're a working dog but don't make it a breed standard. Nooooo)…
Of all specific breeds I think these guys are the closest to Whisky, Especially since they're a breed that's specific to France. Even though it's likely Whisky was just designed to be a random cartoon dog, and a mix would possibly look more like him, I still consider this discovery cool. Even though they are usually fawn in color, and are covered in spots, I still think they're pretty close either way. I'm kinda sad with the original breeders' decision to make them have short tails though.

So yeah. Here have me blabbing about what real life dogs my favorite fictional dog is closest to. In the end, breeds don't matter. Whisky is lovable and cuddly and very kind and loyal. That's what you should always look for in a dog. What they look like should come later. The bond you can have with them is most important.

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